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    Bridget lies flat on her back, gasping for breath and clutching at her badly bruised breasts. Standing over Bridget, Jennifer drops her ass down hard on Bridget's face. Leaning forward, she smothers Bridget's face in her moist crotch. But Jennifer allows herself to relax too much. As she sits triumphantly on her perch momentarily spent, Bridget reaches up and seizes Jennifer by her dark hair and pulls her forward. Bridget curls her knees forward and drives them savagely into Jenny's head. Jennifer falls to her side, holding her throbbing head. Both women slowly rise to Naked volleyball grou feet.

    Bridget wipes her face with her hands, trying to get Connelly stench off of her. Then the two starlets drive forward again, grabbing and tearing at each other's smashed breasts. Again, Connelly shoves Fonda backwards to the wall, her hands clamp down around Bridget's throat as she bends her backwards. But Bridget's fingers have found the soft underside of Jennifer's larger breasts, she digs her fingers and nails deeply into the soft flesh, twisting and slashing the nipples as if her life depended on Dirti chatroulette. Jennifer's hands let go of Bridget's Bridget fonda nipples and clutch at Fonda's hands.

    Bridget spins the brunette around, bending her foe back over her knee as she tears into Jennifer's breasts, gouging the tits with her nails. As her right hand mangles Jennifer's left breast, Bridget's left fist smashes down on Connelly's throat. Jennifer bounces violently, her hands wrapped around her neck, trying to avoid another blow. Bridget lets Jennifer slump to the floor, then drives her knee up into Connelly's crotch. The strong fingers of her left hand claw at Jennifer's pussy as her right hand works over Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer Connelly curses as Bridget Fonda crotch-rips her pussy, scraping at her swollen vagina with her nails and rings.

    With a huge effort, Jennifer goes back on the attack, struggling to her feet, seizes Bridget's right breast with both hands, and spins her foe around pushing her into the corner. Jennifer's hands clamp around Bridget's bruised breast, leaving only her raw nipple exposed. As Connelly squeezes, the exposed nipple turns a violent purple as Jennifer threatens to ruin Bridget Fonda's magnificent breast. But Bridget's left elbow slams up against the side of Jennifer's head. Jennifer relents for a moment but goes right back to her tit-mauling. As Connelly straightens up, Bridget slams her fist into Jennifer's face, painfully splitting her lips. Fonda's left hand clamps around Jennifer's neck, while she drives her right fist repeatedly into Jennifer's belly.

    But Connelly stands her ground, taking Bridget's best gut punches. As a frustrated Bridget cocks her arm back for another punch, Jennifer drives forward, her shoulder crashing into Bridget Fonda's breasts as they tumble to the floor. Jennifer quickly straddles her foe, pinning Bridget's arms under her thighs. In a fury, Connelly seizes Fonda's breasts, mashing, knuckling, twisting and punching at them. Bridget struggles but cannot unseat her. Connelly starts to enjoy herself. Slapping Bridget's pretty face and breasts, pulling up on Bridget's nipples, stretching the breasts into contorted shapes while Fonda can only scream. Connelly leans forward dropping her huge breasts on Bridget's face.

    As she rubs her big tits over Bridget's face, she taunts her beaten foe. Connelly stands up, grabs Bridget by the hair and yanks her to her feet. She throws Fonda backwards into the corner. Holding Bridget's devastated left breast with her right hand, Jennifer measures the distance and slams her fist into Bridget's chest, and then into her belly. Bridget slumps against the wall. Bridget Fonda's small breasts are a purple swollen mess, covered with scratches and welts, misshapen and bloody. Connelly grabs Fonda by the arm, twists and then flings her across the right.

    Jennifer charges forward intent on slamming herself into Fonda, but Bridget manages to get her knee up. Jennifer hits with terrific forceBridget's knee driving painfully into Jennifer's midsection, and then ricochets backward. Fonda moves quickly, as Jennifer lies momentarily winded, Bridget lifts her legs, spreads them wide like a wishbone and proceeds to stomp down repeatedly on Jennifer's crotch, with one bush-bursting stomp after another. Stopping occasionally to grind her heel into Jennifer's pussy, Bridget works relentlessly on Connelly's crotch, bruising her foe's pubic bone badly.

    Finally dropping Jennifer's sexy legs, Bridget leaps up and lands with both knees square in Jennifer's belly, Connelly hoarsely gasping out in agony as every molecule of air is smashed out of her lungs. Bridget lies next to Connelly, wraps her rock solid thighs around Jennifer's body and clamps her ankles tight. Bridget grabs Jennifer's right arm, twists it and leans backward while maintaining the scissors. As Jennifer begins to fade, Bridget unlocks her ankles and slams her right leg up and down on Anna's breasts, splattering out her mammaries. Fonda stands up, and walks up to Jennifer's head.

    Looking down at her dazed foe for a moment, Bridget slams her curvaceous ass down on Connelly's swollen face, nearly breaking Connelly's nose as she presses her ass down. As Bridget grinds down, she grabs onto Jennifer's breasts and pays her back in kind for the mauling she has taken. Bridget Fonda rips into Jennifer Connelly's breasts, hammering her fists down hard on the large globes, driving her practically driving Jenny's nipples through her tits. Bridget gives Jennifer's breasts hard sideways slaps and nails-first thrusts, splitting open Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer Connelly's breasts are swollen and badly bruised, radiating pain, as Bridget Fonda keeps on kneading them hard, using her nails to crush the brunette's tits into her palm.

    Getting ready to finish this fight, Bridget rises, rolls Connelly onto her back. Kneeling to the side of her foe, Bridget twists Connelly's right leg backwards, and holds it firmly with her left hand. The fingers of her right hand scratch deep into Jennifer's curvy ass and work their way down to her pussy. Bridget jams her thumb into Connelly's anus, her four other fingers dig into the brunette's pussy. Connelly screams as Bridget rips into her. Jennifer struggles and finally frees her leg. They pain from her crotch and ass is numbing.

    Bridget quickly wraps herself behind Connelly, trapping her in a full nelson and waist scissors. Fonda's slender thighs quickly have Connelly immobilized and gasping for air. Her hands first choke Connelly, then maul her breasts, before finally working their way down to Jennifer's pussy. Fonda takes her time, crushing her foe, clamping a nasty claw on Connelly's groin, ripping her nails into Jennifer's burning vagina pussy while her knuckles grind down on Jennifer Connelly's bruised pubic bone.

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    Jennifer is screaming out in pain, but finally slides her right hand up between Bridget's sweaty legs, and rams her thumb hard and deep into Fonda's blonde pussy. Bridget lets out a thunderous scream of agony and pain, as Jennifer keeps on smashing her thumb into Bridget's ripped-open pussy, as Fonda sobs in pain. Raking the walls of Bridget's cunt with her sharp crimson thumbnail, Jennifer rips her hand out from inside Bridget, but is in no shape to capitalise on escaping. Both women are devastated as they crawl around on all fours, Bridget Fonda clutching her burning pussy, while Jennifer Connelly cups and massages her aching breasts, trying to rub some of the pain out of them.

    Struggling to their feet, both actresses fell against walls on opposite sides of the room. Sweat was pouring of their bodies, stinging their cut and scratched breasts, while their hair was damp and stringy. Bridget charged only to have Jennifer grab a handful of her short blonde hair and knee plow her in the belly with an extremely hard and accurate kick, catching Fonda in her diaphragm, doubling the redheaded actress over with a loud moan of Bridget fonda nipples. Connelly twisted her foe to the floor onto her back but before she could capitalize on it Bridget's legs shot out and wrapped around her waist again.

    The strawberry blonde used her powerful legs to force Jennifer down to the floor and onto her side as the trapped beauty tried to pry herself free with both hands as the pain erupted in her sides, forcing her to remove her hands from Bridget short hair. After struggling futilely to rip her rival's legs open Jennifer reached out and ripped down Bridget's flaming tits and latched onto each nipple with her powerful fingers, tugging the breast every which way by them as Bridget gasped in pain at the assault. Her face twisted in pain, Bridget pulled at Jennifer's manicured hands as Connelly continued to tear her nipples around, but Bridget only managed to free one of Connelly's hands and Jennifer twisted Fonda's breast in her grip and this time she crushed her boob fully in her hand as the blonde beauty grunted and then cried out, although she could see through her squinting eyes that Jennifer was in some pain from the scissors crushing her sides.

    Now it was her turn to rip into Jennifer's tits, and with a scream of rage Bridget grabbed each larger breast in hand and started squeezing, as when Bridget sliced her nails hard into Jennifer's erect nipples, the effect was immediate as Jennifer cried out and suddenly started twisting like a cyclone between her rival's legs, her face twisted in agony, causing Bridget to loose her grip on both breasts. Bridget latched onto them again and again but kept loosing her grip till the pain from Jennifer's continuous attack on her small breasts became too agonising. Bridget finally released Jennifer from her vice-like scissors and rolled away.

    As both women went to their knee's Jennifer taunted her between gulps of air. As she fell back the momentum slammed the gorgeous Connelly's head to the floor stunning her and Bridget immediately straddled the pretty brunette, put her knees onto her arms trapping them under her legs as fast as she could. With a wicked smile on her face Bridget reached behind her and dug her hand past her rival's fur, bringing a loud cry from Jenny's smashed lips as tugged on her pussy hairs a few times. She reached down with her other hand and this time got a good tight grip on the brunette's left breast and started twisting and pulling it like no tomorrow in her hand.

    Jennifer's cries began echoing throughout the room as she was assaulted over and over, Bridget's fingers digging painfully into her left breast. She bucked wildly over and over, but could not seem to unseat her lighter rival. Bridget grabbed Jennifer's smashed left nipple and Bridget tugged it hard enough to bring tears to the battered beauty's eyes. In dire straits, Jennifer Connelly almost missed how far back Bridget Fonda was leaning with each breast tug. In a last ditch attempt Jennifer timed it perfectly and brought her long sexy legs up and around her unsuspecting rival's head, crushing it between her powerful calves.

    She cried out from the effort it took to force Fonda backwards as her fingers were torn from Jennifer's swollen and battered nipple as she went flying onto the floor, another smaller cry coming from Jennifer as she tugged Bridget's hands from her pussy. Bridget was still laying on top of her rival and she frantically tried to maneuver her legs and get Jennifer in a scissors also, but after a short furious struggle Connelly wrapped her strong arms around her Bridget's legs. Twisting around she forced them both onto their sides as she brought her legs down around Bridget's neck, almost losing her scissors hold in the process.

    The brunette choked the redheaded beauty caught between her sexy legs almost unconscious, but released the pressure before her foe passed out and while her Bridget struggled for air she maneuvered her into yet another chest scissors. Jennifer crushed her Fonda's bare breasts between her powerful sexy legs as Bridget cried out weakly, still trying to catch her breathe as her torn breasts erupted in agony. Jennifer kept it up till Bridget cried even louder, crushing her as Bridget Fonda's sobs began to rack her body. Connelly opened her legs, releasing her scissors, and kicked Fonda away. Jennifer got to her feet, as did Bridget, but facing away from her.

    With Bridget having her back to her, Jennifer charged in low, sending her shoulder into the back of Bridget's left knee clipping her. Jennifer, on her hands and knees with her beautiful hair over her face looked back at Bridget who was rolling on the floor, grabbing her left knee, her eyes closed in pain. Jennifer got up and grabbing a handful of Bridget luscious blonde hair, hauled the crippled actress to her feet. Bridget hobbled on one foot, still slightly bent over. Jennifer reached down pulling Bridget to her feet again bearhugged Bridget round her waist, Jennifer's face pressing into Bridget small heaving breasts.

    Lifting her feet off the floor, Jennifer then used her full body weight and slammed Bridget down into the floor. Bridget arched her back in pain, her eyes tightly shut. Jennifer brushed her hair out of her face and stood up, grabbing a hold of each of Bridget's ankles at the same time. Opening up Bridget's legs in a wishbone, Jennifer saw how bloody Bridget's pussy was. Jennifer stomped down hard with her heel on Bridget's cunt. The Road to Wellville Eleanor Lightbody 5 pics 1 clips. First, they have sex, then they are in a bathtub. They then move toward the bed and she lies down Gordon was written on October 31, Very brief full frontal. Naked women peeing outdoors.

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    Point of No Return Bridget lays naked on a bed, but only Bridget fonda nipples hernice ass and some glimpses of breast. I Brivget the Bridger here is due to which screen ratio is viewed. Sweet blonde Heidi gets her ass spanked by Clare Fonda. This is kind of it, and the scene is short, and not erotic or sensual in anyway at all. Bevan was written on September 15, Not sure if pubic hair is visible, but every other inch of her from the waist down certainly is. Fonda also is lovely stroking her cupcakes at 1: The scene described above wouldn't even be worthy of mention if it wasn't Bridget Fonda.

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