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    The fault in our stars amsterdam scene

    Not every special from the chapter book can find it into the minute whether. John Graduated interracial writing The Fault in our Many while person in Amsterdam, and scenes amsterdaj the best were to filmed in the city, so it's some that hardcore sites of the book would jazz to give a trip to the social to visit key locations decent to the book and funny. As all this english on, Van Houten, who is right pompous, keeps drinking scotch. Lidewij, who has been geared through the encounter, separates her trust as Van Houten's away in love and follows the out couple young.

    Amsterdam bench used in The Fault In Our Stars goes missing

    There she explains that Van Houten is the black sheep of a family whose wealth dates back to a 17th century cocoa fortune. She says he wasn't always so cruel and alludes that circumstance made him a monster. Attempting to rectify the situation, Lidewij suggests they tour Anne Frank's house. The tour involves climbing a number of steep staircases. Hazel struggles through it, determined not to give up, though she nearly blacks out climbing the final set of steps. They enter the next room, where a The fault in our stars amsterdam scene of Otto Frank speaking in English plays.

    Augustus says they should team up to hunt down evil-doers around the world and protect the weak. Tales of their exploits will live on as long as the human voice, he says. Hazel looks at him, thinking it's not an appropriate place to kiss but that even Anne Frank kissed someone there. Suddenly they're kissing as Otto Frank speaks behind them, and when Hazel opens her eyes she sees a crowd of people watching them. Hazel tells him she The fault in our stars amsterdam scene him, and they make love for the first time.

    It's not exactly as Hazel expected, neither as painful or as ecstatic, and they fall asleep together afterward with Hazel's head resting on Augustus's chest. Analysis Hazel's meeting with Van Houten emphasizes perhaps more than anything the difference between expectation and reality. The print, which shows the image of a pipe, points out that the image is, in fact, not really a pipe. As Hazel explains to her mother, it is strictly the representation of a pipe, not the thing itself. This notion carries through Hazel's and Augustus's meeting with Van Houten as Hazel learns that the idea she'd formed of the author based on his novel doesn't at all correspond to reality. She appeared to expect someone who was kind, sympathetic, and understand her particular struggle with cancer, and what she encountered was a pompous, cranky old man who cared little for her or her illness.

    What's more, Hazel realizes that just because Van Houten wrote An Imperial Affliction doesn't mean he knows what happens to the characters after the novel ends. The novel exists independently of Van Houten at this point, and the relationship Hazel has developed with the book has nothing to do with Van Houten. What Hazel is disappointed to understand is that her idea of Van Houten and of the characters in An Imperial Affliction were just representations in her mind, much like Magritte's pipe. Hazel and Augustus reach new levels of intimacy in this chapter.

    They share their first passionate kiss that's more than a peck on the cheek or lips. Hazel also tells Augustus she loves him for the first time, and most notably, the two make love. Before this point their relationship had been based primarily in emotion. While there was physical attraction between the two, most of their interaction revolved around talking. The move into physical intimacy is a significant step, particularly given the complicated relationship each has with their body. Augustus, for example, has previously joked that year-old guys with one leg are all virgins, which suggests that he's at least somewhat self-conscious regarding his missing leg.

    That self-consciousness comes up just before they undress, with Augustus showing some discomfort as he prepares Hazel for what his leg will look like. Augustus' former girlfriend Caroline Mathers, who died of brain cancer a few years earlier, weighs heavily on Hazel's mind in the book. In the movie, there's no mention of Caroline or the effect her death had on Gus.

    The movie left out an important scene in which Hazel and Mrs. Lancaster hear Gus crying and yelling at his mom before star leave on their trip to Amsterdam. In the book, that ln foreshadows the return of Gus' cancer. In the film, Gus tells Hazel he loves her while they're at dinner at Oranjee in Amsterdam. Speaking of Oranjee, in the book, Gus The fault in our stars amsterdam scene Hazel enjoy a picturesque dinner outside, overlooking the elm trees on the canal. In Josh Boone's film version, Gus and Hazel eat inside the restaurant, although the meal still includes champagne and dragon carrot risotto.

    In the book, Hazel finds Gus mumbling in his sleep after he, in her words, "pissed the bed. This scene is not in the film, but the one in which she finds him in another unfortunate state at the gas station is. For the movie, Boone decided to leave out Hazel's disdain for all the Facebook comments people wrote following Gus' death. In the book, Hazel searches everywhere for that "letter" Gus wrote for her. She looks at his parents' house and on his computer, before Gus' father tells her there are some torn-out pages of his notebook missing.

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