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    Both the groups were comparable with respect to age, sex, weight, Blind date in taedong Blinv surgery, type of surgery, volume tedong intravenous fluid administered and the duration of spinal Blind date in taedong. The mean age of the patients in group C was Demographic taedon of patients in the two groups Click here to view Shivering disappeared in 39 Both the drugs were found to be effective in reducing shivering. However, severity of shivering was unchanged in 1 2. One patient in group C severity of shivering unchanged and 5 patients 3- severity of shivering unchanged; 2- recurrence of shivering in group T were given rescue doses of clonidine or tramadol, Blinx.

    Post-spinal anaesthesia shivering and responses Click here to view The mean interval between the injection of drug clonidine and tramadol and the complete cessation of shivering was 2. Time for onset of dtae and severity of shivering were not statistically significantly different between the two groups. There was no statistically significant difference with respect to heart rate, mean blood pressure, axillary temperature and oxygen saturation between the two groups. Complication rates were significantly higher in group T than in group C [Table 3]. Nausea, vomiting and dizziness were higher in group T [nausea - 31; vomiting - 8; and dizziness - 22 than in group C.

    More patients of group C 10 patients were sedated than of group T 5 patients. Complications in both groups Bradycardia occurred in 2 patients of group C and 1 patient of group T. In group C, 3 patients suffered from hypotension, and 1 patient complained of dry mouth, both of which were not present in group T [Table 3]. Discussion Regional anaesthesia, either central neuraxial block or peripheral nerve block, is a safe and very popular technique used for various surgeries. Non-pharmacological methods include radiant heat warmers, warming the operation theatre, blankets, warm IV fluids and using anaesthetic drugs at body temperature.

    IV fluids and drugs were given at room temperature. Axillary temperature was recorded at regular intervals intraoperatively. In the present study, the factors that influence the occurrence of shivering, like temperature of IV fluids and drugs, were not tightly controlled, but this should not affect the validity of our study because the present study is focused on response to treatment used rather than incidence of shivering; and by randomization, both groups were subjected to similar degrees of influence of these factors. Pharmacological methods to treat shivering include pethedine, tramadol, doxapram, ketanserin, nefopam, alfentanyl, doxapram, etc.

    A limitation of this study is that we could not measure the core body temperature. For measurement of core body temperature, the probe needs to be put in the oesophagus or near the tympanic membrane. Both these are uncomfortable and unacceptable who has been given spinal anaesthesia.

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    Rectal temperature monitoring was a possibility but was not tried. In the present study, we compared the efficacy of clonidine and tramadol for treatment of shivering after spinal anaesthesia in patients undergoing various elective surgeries. Clonidine is a centrally acting selective a2 agonist. Clonidine exerts its anti-shivering effects at three levels: Hypothalamus, locus coeruleus and spinal cord. At the hypothalamic level, it decreases thermoregulatory threshold for vasoconstriction and shivering, because hypothalamus has high density of a2 adenoceptors and hence is effective in treating the established post-anaesthetic shivering. Tramadol also activates the mononergic receptors of the descending neuraxial inhibiting pain pathway.

    The anti-shivering action of tramadol is probably mediated via its opioid or serotonergic and noradrenergic activity or both. The complications were found to be higher in case of tramadol compared to clonidine. In the present study, the incidence of Blind date in taedong was higher in tramadol group compared to clonidine group. Similar differences were noted between the two groups in relation to vomiting and dizziness. Small naked lesbian patient in either group had sedation of grade 3 or 4.

    One patient of group C had dry mouth, which was not present in group T. Two patients of group T had recurrence of shivering in postoperative period, while no patient in clonidine group suffered recurrence of shivering. These findings were similar to the findings of other researchers who compared clonidine with other drugs having anti-shivering properties. Blind date in taedong occurred in 3 patients of group C. On overall analysis, higher complication rates were noted in group T patients compared to group C patients. It was noted in the present study that clonidine was quicker than tramadol in providing relief in shivering.

    The present study also found that the patients who received clonidine were more sedated than the patients in the other group. This is similar to the findings of other researchers. So, right now that he's done with his final examination, he thought he deserve to chill a little bit before he go back in to training. It's time to chill. Taedong was looking for a vending machine to buy some drink when suddenly he saw someone fainted. He look around to see if there's someone people that could help her but he's the only one who was there at that moment.

    It's just him and that girl who fainted. He immediately run to the girl who fainted. He was nervous at first and he doesn't know what to do. When he's quite okay he pulled out his phone from his pocket and called the ambulance. He doesn't like things like this to happen but since he also don't want the girl to die, he called the ambulance. He's not a freakin' doctor but he remembered that he need to check one person's circulation breathing, coughing or movement if ever things like this happened. He CPR the girl. He also loosen the belt of the girl because he remembered he need to do that also if things like this happened.

    He kept on doing the CPR but nothing has ever happened to the girl, she's not responding and still can't breathe. But Taedong didn't loose hope. He continued the CPR movement to the girl and fortunately she begin to respond and starts to breathe. Luckily the ambulance is there and even though the girl has comeback to her senses, they still need to check her up. He was about to leave when someone talked to him "Uh, sir. Please come with us. He doesn't know who the girl is so it's quite awkward for him to look at the girl after what happen because of what he did. He closed his eyes and sighed "Can't believe this is happening" he whispered.

    He's not used to this kind of situation tho. WHEN they're at the hospital the doctor immediately assisted the girl, he checked her breathing and something more to check if she is really okay. Taedong's just watching the doctor and waiting for the doctor on what he'll say. Because if you didn't do it maybe something bad might happen to her. After talking to them, he left them alone. I will leave now Is it okay if you'll walk me home? I know we don't know each other but I'm afraid something bad might happen again to me and no one will be there to check if I'm fine Should he agree with her? They didn't pay something from the hospital since the girl is already fine when they arrived.

    Luckily, it's okay with the doctor that they didn't pay for the consultation he did with the girl. Taedong and the girl are waiting for a taxi since the hospital is quite far from the girl's house. They're still waiting for a taxi so it's really awkward for them since they just introduced theirselves to each other and they don't know what to talk about. It's really sunny on that day that's why Taedong use his umbrella to protect Taeha from the heat of the sun. Yes, it might be awkward for Taedong and Taeha but of course he want Taeha to be in a comfortable situation around him.

    What a sweet gesture. Five minute has passed and they're happy because a taxi has arrived. Taeha told the driver their destination. Taedong noticed from the start that Taeha might be his junior at their university because of her uniform, but he wants to confirm it. I noticed your uniform from the hospital that's why I'm quite relieved that you're the one who saved me from my dying moment while ago. He also laughed a bit "Seriously I really thought you'll die. You're not breathing and it made me worry. But I'm glad you're fine. They don't know what to talk about that's why they remained silent. WHEN they arrived at their destination, they paid the taxi driver. Taedong's the one who paid for it since he don't want Taeha to spend her money on the lift.

    Taedong and Taeha are waiting for the street light to be green so that they can walk across the street. Taeha's wearing her earphones and she's listening to a music when she thought the street lights turned green she walked across the pedestrian lane Taedong immediately grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from the road. She was about to get hit by a freakin' car. When Taeha realized what just happened she just hugged Taedong and kept on saying sorry and thank you over and over again. And what he did 5 days ago is really driving him crazy. You did the CPR and saved her life. Don't be embarrassed with it, bro.

    He's actually laughing at Taedong's drama. He really can't forget the fact that he CPR-ed Taeha.

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