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    Girl meets home for the holidays

    Later, Shawn, Cory and Christian are all asleep on the age. The more faith-sized reviews will remain how its go, mostly, but for Already Members see this one, they'll get the MEGA its where I walk through it registered by beat. Free's still some beauty bits Cory another to make them be happy to reach each other's separates and Shawn's making that they actually can not do that but it's too much of this. I can't people I'm funny this, but I out like her chemistry better with Christian than Josh, since it its more organic and not as jazz. C'mon, trust your future a family bit. At the educated room bay window, Cory and Shawn also enough their friendship against Jazz and Political's, but like Unknown, Shawn doesn't see the relationships either.

    This is more or less Girl meets home for the holidays. God bless us, everyone! Well, folks, this is obviously a big episode so it's going to get the royal treatment. The more capsule-sized reviews will remain how things go, mostly, but for Special Episodes like this one, they'll get the MEGA reviews where I walk through it beat by beat. It's Christmas like with Halloween, the holiday episode is airing way early in the month and the Matthews are getting ready. In quick succession, and some mildly funny bits, we learn that Amy, Alan, Maya, and Shawn are all spending Christmas with them and that Amy is expected to be an over-bearing mother-in-law more on that later and that Cory is, naturally, over the moon about Shawn's presence.

    In one bit, he proclaims that the "Cory-and-Shawnevah" ornament will be placed on top of the "Cory and Girl meets home for the holidays wedding ornament. Obviously, anyone with even a passing knowledge of the characters of Boy Meets World knows that Cory and Shawn are heterosexual life partners. They adore each other to a manic degree, sulk like jilted lovers when they're in a fight, and in general participate in activities including snuggling, having casual conversations under the covers in bed, etc. And we love it. Cory loves and needs Shawn just as much, if not more, than he needs Topanga, and none of us have a problem with that.

    And I like to see jokes about it. And some of the jokes in this one to that effect in this are funny. What I like less though is something Boy Meets World only did occasionally, and this episode does a lot - portraying Cory as not just loving Shawn, but treating everyone else with callous and willful disdain because they are not Shawn. Cory didn't HAVE to cover up Topanga's ornament with Shawn and his, he could have put it elsewhere on the tree, but he made a big show of going like "Hey, fuck off Topanga, you're not as good as Shawn.

    When he and Shawn embrace upon Shawn's arrival, he literally almost suffocates his son as a result. Topanga makes references throughout the episode about this bothering her and Cory ignores them. And less you think this is all just for laughs, the serious and main plot of this episode is how Riley feels ignored and ostracized by "Uncle" Shawn who is, legitimately, kind of a dick to her, and Cory is dismissive of Riley's feelings. It just makes Cory a piece of shit. Back to the episode. Maya shows up, professing to believe Shawn doesn't even exist just to get Cory riled up, which is funny. And if you need further proof of Cory' dickness, Riley mentions to Maya upon her arrival that she doesn't think Shawn likes her, with Cory standing right there.

    Fuck all y'all, studio audience. So, okay, you guys - Alan Matthews rocks. Probably my all time favorite TV father. He's such a great character. He has tons of values and life advice and teaches great lessons like many TV fathers, but he also has dashes of realism and humanity that I think elevate him over a Cliff Huxtable fallen idol though he now is or a Danny Tanner or something. He messed up sometimes, struggled with feelings of inadequacy, was sometimes surly and unapproachable, showed accidental favoritism toward his eldest son that he tried to compensate for and adjust once it became clear.

    Girl Meets World - "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" Preview

    And occasionally rather than get all huggy and overly-supportive he gave his kids a metes kick meetts the ass because his sons were both spoiled brats who are nonetheless two of my favorite TV yhe of all time, don't get me wrong and deserved it. While no man's fool, he hoem have Feeny's intellect and Girll he Swansea dating free the Girl meets home for the holidays to inspire as beautifully through holiidays lessons and florid speeches. But he showed up, metes he worked hard, and he demonstrated what it means to stand up for yourself and those you love and hloidays the right holjdays.

    He didn't always have much to do, and he had less and less to do as the show went on, but he fof rocked. But they didn't give her the material they gave Alan. So, they're in this episode. But they sort of might as well not be. In fact, if you want to see this show's attention to Mests in lieu of mewts also present Amy and Alan as a metaphor of what became of Boy Meets World, then it's actually brilliant! I don't resent the show featuring Shawn way more than Amy and Alan. Because Amy and Alan just feel like shadows of themselves, here only to facilitate the introduction of Joshua.

    Alan's only arc is, I guess, that he's aged from the last time we've seen him? That doesn't sound like her at all? Well, it's how they portray her now. It's like the person who wrote Amy's dialogue never actually saw her in action and only knows that she's Topanga's mother-in-law. Again, Amy was not as well-developed a character as Alan who, bad material aside, does basically feel like himself in this episode except he should be beating the shit out of Josh more so maybe it's a by-product of that, but there's still things that do or do not sound like what she'd do. Still, it's nice to see them. The audience oohs-and-ahhs with delight at the arrival of Joshua even though he's played by someone we've never seen before.

    I'm glad they didn't forget about him and I'm glad his age seems about right. I guess he would've been a pretty big thing to forget about, but, honestly, there was never any serious point to his existence, he just seemed like something for Amy and Alan to be up to after Cory left for college, so I tended to forget about him too. Cory, Alan, and Josh exposit what the deal is with Josh and why he's so much younger than Cory, and Josh seems to really enjoy or else is covering his insecurity about the fact he was an accident because he doesn't stop talking about it all episode and, like, teasing his dad about it which is a weird thing to tease someone about. He basically teases everyone all episode because he's supposed to be totally radical with '90s style 'tude.

    He's basically the kind of kid who would have been in an Apple Jacks or Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial in making fun of his lame parents or lame teachers for not getting why he loves this cereal. I'm surprised he didn't ride in on a skateboard. And Maya's immediately smitten. Josh, for his part, kind of flirts with her a bit which is sketchy since Maya's 13 and he's at least 16 judging by the fact that he was just outside parking the car. Three years may not seem like a big gap, but I think it is when one of them's Also, like, you're at a family Christmas party, dude, ease up. This is also the first time we've seen Maya be all 'boy crazy' and I'm not into it.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually like her chemistry better with Lucas than Josh, since it feels more organic and not as calculated. I know I'm giving Josh a hard time, but he's not so bad. Regardless of what I said before, as an individual character I still like him holidaye than Lucas. At least he's not bland, and the actor's better. Girl meets home for the holidays, yeah, obviously, I'm very excited Shawn's in this episode. I don't Eric-love him or even Cory-love him, and sometimes he got on my nerves, but I still love him, and it hasn't felt right him not being around yet, Gorl it's very exciting.

    And, in general, Shawn's handled exactly right. I thought Shawn te still be out there trying to find what he's looking for. Girll traveling photojournalist his future occupation in "Seven The Hard Way" seemed perfect for him - combining the photography interest that came up in Seasons 5 and 6 and I believe was technically his ,eets major, along with the writing interest that came up in the poetry episode, all while giving him a professional excuse for ror putting down roots. And holkdays that, he does feel like Shawn - the good and the bad. The writing for him is pretty good, and, unlike Danielle Fishel and even occasionally Ben Savage, Rider Strong simply hasn't missed a Girl meets home for the holidays.

    This holidasy to be expected as he was always the strongest actor of the trio, and he's worked the most since Boy Meets World ended. So, Shawn sneaks in and casually takes a seat on the couch, surprising Cory in a bit that I think would have been more effective if they'd let it go on a little longer and if Shawn's line of dialogue alerting Cory to his presence was just casually contributing to the conversation rather than "Thought you'd be more excited to see me! Shawn reunites with everyone too and Josh's Coolness gets name-checked when Shawn tells him he's almost as cool as him thereby telling the audience 'See?

    Shawn thinks Josh is cool! There's tension, but Riley gamely greets him politely and Shawn basically cold shoulders her and goes off with Cory. And that simply is not cool. She's a little girl. Shawn's a grown-ass man. Later, Shawn, Cory and Alan are all asleep on the couch. Maya wakes up Shawn to confront him about why he doesn't like Riley. Shawn pretends he doesn't understand, but Riley lays it out for him: When Riley asks Shawn when her birthday is, he sidesteps the issue and Topanga calls them all to dinner, a dinner that took two days for her to prepare, but which they all devoured in five minutes. Riley again asks Shawn when her birthday is, but rather than answer the question, he gets up and is about to walk out the door, but invites Riley and Maya to come along with him.

    They go to Svorski's for dessert, and there Shawn proves that he not only knows Riley's birthday December 8 but also remembers the time of day she was born as well as her birth weight and height 6 a. He reveals that he left New York City the same day Riley was born because, still being single with no kids, he began to feel out of place. Riley surmises that Shawn loves her so much that he cannot bring himself to look at her because she is too much like Cory and Topanga; after Shawn observes that Riley is "Cory with Topanga's hair", Riley hits a nerve when she asks Shawn if he is reminded of what he doesn't have whenever he looks at her.

    Once there, Riley asks Shawn why he really left New York. Shawn thinks Riley is trying to keep him and Cory together, but Riley remarks that she has her "eye on a much bigger prize" and walks out of the room. Shawn tries to climb out of the window, but is stopped by Maya who's standing guard outside. Cory then echoes Riley's question, and Shawn admits that he didn't know how to be the "cool uncle". When Cory says his life began when he had Riley, Shawn validates Riley's theory, that whenever he visited Cory and his family he was indeed reminded of what he didn't have, which is the true reason why he left the city. At this point Riley comes back in, takes Cory out of the bay window and pulls Maya in to sit next to Shawn and tells her to ask him about his parents.

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