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    Not any white, now, is it. El cliente me quiso pagar con un black chimbo The customer tried to pay me with a dud special. And, from what I niche, also in Finland. She was also geared at a he China rock with the idea "Axe" single on her chest as jazz for the christian music. Puede que alguien le viese abrirse As somebody saw him get when.

    Lora is Spanish for parrot, Naughty slutty in paraguay sluttt to be precise. And what do parrots do? They chirp all day long! Daniel dice Nughty su suegra es una cotorra Daniel says his mother-in-law is a gasbag. An old Chat sex indo theaa Cucho is as Colombian as it gets although some neighboring countries pargauay also be familiar with kn term. The word is Colombian Spanish slang for an old paraguau. You could use it for your dad in the third person, of course even, although am not sure how polite it would be.

    The Nauhhty can pargauay be used as an adjective. Chileans know the word too, but they use it for a different purpose. In that country as in the rest of the Southern Conecucho parwguay to a cat. In Mexico, cucho is a cripple, a limbless person to be precise. Coming back to Colombia, cucho gives us an interesting, although slightly derogatory expression, cuchi Barbie. A cuchi Barbie is almost a cougar but not exactly. Mi cucha hace las mejores arepas del mundo My mom makes the best arepas in the world. El domingo fui a pescar con mi cucho y mi hermana On Sunday, I went fishing with my dad and my sister.

    The word is quite familiar in all of Central and Latin America with only slightly differeing interpretations. There are some decent examples as well, such as Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua where the word refers to a fruit called lychee. Peter annoys me so much! Dude, buddy You use parce the exact same way as you do dude or bro in English. In the second person. By the way, parce is a shorter version of parcero, the original Colombian Spanish slang for the same thing. How are you doing? Enjoyment, commotion You could use recocha for a fun activity or something undesirable, such as a ruckus. Which one of the two, is obviously a function of context.

    But in Colombian Spanish slang, the usage is quite common. Pasaba mucho tiempo de recocha con mis amigas I used to spend a lot of time having fun with my friends. Mis alumnos andan siempre armando recocha My students tend to engage in horseplay a lot. Although not as abundant as nouns, adjectives add their own regional twist to the Colombian Spanish slang in both formal as well as informal settings.

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    Bacano can also be used as a noun but with a slight modification in the masculine form. Your party was awesome. Anoche fuimos a un bar super bacano Last night we went to a super cool bar. Angry, a great deal of, a skilled person Also spelled verraco.

    The word literally refers to a kind of pig but in Colombian Spanish slang usage, it means a skilled person, a very difficult situation, a lot of something, or very angry. You are really a genius! Especially the less-than-polite parts thereof. Young men and women use it all the time, at least in familiar settings. Good things can at times be too good to be real which is why chimba can also mean fake in some contexts. Again, whether one means cool or fake would be clear from the context. What a great match! I really enjoyed it! Oh and some Colombians can also use chimbo for anything that is fake, genitalia or otherwise.

    So fake bills, made-up stories, counterfeit check, everything is chimbo. Try not to switch it for chimba when referring to something nice though, although in the sense of fake the two words do overlap freely. Fake, dud, low-quality Chimbo, in Colombian colloquialism, refers to fake, old, or generally undesirable. Crappy, if you will. Venezuela and Paraguay are also familiar with this usage. The word can also hold its own as a noun, albeit still a mere Colombian regionalism, and when it does it refers to a penis! Hondurans and Salvadorans seem to have a better use for the word though as in their slang, chimbo refers to a gas cylinder. El cliente me quiso pagar con un cheque chimbo The customer tried to pay me with a dud check.

    They make a dull language come alive with some interesting character. The number of idioms in your vocabulary, colloquial or otherwise, is directly proportional to your grip on the language. A simple blog post, or even an entire book, would less than enough to cover all the idioms out there. Learn them to instantly sound less like a tourist and more like an easygoing colombiano. In English we call it playing hardball. In Colombian Spanish slang usage, we play hot eggs, the literal translation of calienta huevos. The analogy remains the same either way, so pick whatever works for you. The bottom line is that a calienta huevos is the girl who leads you on, builds up your enthusiasm, yet stays elusive.

    To believe Cuento Naughty slutty in paraguay Spanish for account, as in an account of something that probably happened. Comer is to eat. So literally speaking, comer cuentos is to eat a story Naughty slutty in paraguay recounted; in other words, to buy it, fall for it, believe it. Usually the expression is used in the negative to imply a refusal to believe. Just remember that in the context of this idiom, to believe is to eat. Thus, the one doing the believing is the one doing the comer. Echar los Perros Meaning: To flirt This one is my absolute favorite! Echar los perros means to hit on someone. Not stalking, just flirting. I hear Spaniards use the expression too, albeit in a different sense.

    There, it means to tell off somebody. In most of Latin America, the connotation is to come at someone strongly, not necessarily with a romantic interest. But the flirtatious interpretation is the most common one in Colombia. And, from what I hear, also in Guatemala. Echar also features in the Salvadoran expression echarle los calzones which means the same thing, only a tad more vulgar. Hacer una Vaca Meaning: To chip in To make a cow? How do you do that? So, quite a handy little expression if you asked me. Not a bad idea to add it to your vocabulary. You could further customize the expression by changing vaca to its diminutive vaquita. Think of vaca or vaquita here as the kitty or the ante you add your contributions to, e.

    Hicimos una vaquita para una nueva casa We pooled in for a new home. To tease Mamar is related to mammaries and literally means to suckle. So I can see how mamar gallo could leave you stumped. And why would a rooster suckle anyway? Perhaps something to do with cocks being cocky? By the way, did you notice how we just connected mamar with mammaries to illustrate its meaning, to suckle at breasts? Read more about these memory tricks here to see how you can do wonders with your Spanish. The idiom enjoys an equally widespread usage, if not more, in neighboring Venezuela.

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