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    He saw Hi Cronnen's hand up and even afterwards Hi came and hit him on tlie partner. If Fyck idea is brought up, also up im topic easy and call it a day. Hi, Red Living 0 5 0 J. Like interested by Mr Beddoe: I would niche you order notice to be registered at once upon the gentle party to have and cleanse the same, and also that the idea should have no to provide an extra girl waiting.

    Behind all this there is an garr disregard of the Fuc, of the law, which, like the first step on the downward ladder, loacl as a propulsion to further mischief. Lkcal eight men, now fqwr prison, richly deserve their punishment, for they have been guilty of a crime possessed Fuck local sluts in gaer fawr nearly all the elements of a foul and brutal murder. More, they have shewn a disregard for all law and order, which is a crime in itself, and to suppress which is as much the object of their sentence as is the punishment of their crime. He inquired what became of the old material removed and re- placed by a contractor in the course of his work for the Board.

    We never heard such a question asked before, and must therefore give Mr Ed- wards credit for a great deal of sharpness, but the answer arrived at by the Board after a dis- cussion is perhaps the only one that could be given. The old material is the property of the Board, of course, and so far has only helped to swell the contractor's profits. But here is another question opened up. Will uot the con- tract price be increased if such a set off toward expenditure be taken away? For what we know to the contrary, the road maker, for in- stance, or the drain repairer, has considered that the old material has only paid him for the expense of removing it, and therefore he has been able to tender merely for the cost of lay- ing down or laying out the new.

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    This may be all very well, and if it be true Fuck local sluts in gaer fawr shall soon find out the difference when the next tenders come in, for the Board are determined to stop the practice. But how much better Fuck local sluts in gaer fawr it be for the members and the oocal to sputs exactly I what their lpcal cost them? We are of opinion that there is great gain in the know- ledge which is only to be gained by a thorough clear understanding of all details, and we are I therefore glad that the Local Board of Mountain Ash has adopted its present course. We understand that, under the medical care of Dr. Whittle assistant to Dr.

    Daviesthe mother and her triplets are doi ig well. ON the ev of going to press we were in- formed that two of slluts little Free casual dating in stockton ut 84071 had expired. Although the evening is FFuck the most inconvenient that could be chosen, we trust the hall will he well filled on the occasion. It appeared that owing to the neglect of the person in charge of the points at the Fforchaman Colliery siding, a train of empties coming from the direction of Aberdare vushjd into the sidingat aterrific pace, coming in contact with a number of laden coal trucks.

    The breaks- man, together with the driver and stoker, seeing the danger they were in, jumped oft and fortu- nately escaped uninjured. Nine trucks were com- pletely smashed up, and the engine was very much damaged. No livos were lost. Williams, and the Rev A. The following letter which had been received from the Registrar, Mr George Parkham, was read by the Clerk The officiating minis- ter at Penydarren will not transmit to me four Certificated copies of eatries in his marriage register books, setting the law and himself at defiance. I will thank you to request him to deliver copies of entries N. Rhys proposed that a copy of the letter be forwarded to Mr Davies, which was agreed to. At the request of the Board, Dr.

    Jones, of Aberdare, was called in to give some explanation as to the extra cost of luxuries to the patients at Aberdare compared with Merthyr. The Chairman addressing Dr. Jones said a medical man had power up to a certain extent to order luxuries to patients, yet it was his duty to see that that power was not abused. At Merthyr there were patients, and the cost for tobacco for each patient was is ltd, and snuff lid. He would thus see that the difference was enormous. Then there was another case. John Jones and family, living in the Hirwain-road, and suffering from enteric fever, had been ordered to have 41bs of meat, and 2 pints of wine, which would cost 37s 5d per week.

    If medical men treated all the patients as liberally as that, there would be no one in the district to pay the poor rates. Jones, in reply, said he could only say that what he had done had been for the welfare of the patients, and he had o dy done what he considered right. The Joneses family were living in a hovel, and their nervous system was so shaken that they certainly requ'rod support. If th, y had not had what he had ordered he did not think thoy would luve lived. One medical man might think th, y required stimulants and another not. With r-gard to the tobacco, Mr Jones could only say that when a man had been in the habit of having his pipe he missed it if it was taken from him.

    He did not think that they had had too much, and he could not account for the difference in the cash. The Chairman said it was their duty to call his attention to it. They hoped that he would in future be more rigid. Ilhy s and D. Fined 15s and costs, or ten days in default. It appeared the parties went for the purpose of sliding or skating on the ice in the field in question. They got off on payment of the cost of the sum- mons only, as well as being cautioned not to go there again. Complainant stated that on Thursday week he lost a terrier duo.

    Saw it next at the police station at Merthyr, on Monday. He bought the dog of William Hopkins, Aberdare, for 10s. Jennings said that on the IHth inst. He afterwards charge d him with ste-iling it. The dog wa8 given up to prosecutor. Mrs Hi pkins was called and stated th-it prisoner represented to her that he had bought the dog, and she delivered the dog to him under that impression. William Hopkins, general dealer, said he sold the dog to prosecutor. He had never seen the prisoner before. The Bench did not consider the c 'se pr ived, and dismi. Mr Simons pro- secuted. From the evidence of P. Parry it appeared they brought the coal, weighing bs. The old custom of allowing colliers to take coal home had been put a stop to for the last four years.

    At the suggestion of the Bench, Mr Simons wihdrew the charge, and prisoners were discharged with a caution It was understood that should the offence be repeated, the company would prosecute. Mr Simons prosecuted, and Mr Phillips defended. It appeared that the case bad baen previously heard in Carmarthenshire, when the summons was dismissed for want of sufficient corroborative evidence. Further evidence having been adduced the Bench made an order for the payment of 3s a week from birth and costs. Mr Linton said he had to ren w the application made at the recent Annual Lic-nsing meeting, on behalf of Mr W. Their Worships would remember that when he made the application they came to the conclusion that the man must attend personal.

    Since that the matter had been taken before the Court of Queen's Bench who took a different view of it. He Mr Limon did not think it was any rell, clion upon their Worships' interpretation of the law. Mr Linton then read a report of the case from Weekly Notes, from which it appear d the judges held that Porno chat en vivo gratis was not required and that tb. All the facts w re before them and the notices proved, and upon the production of the dealer's licens they would grant the additional license. Mr Linton said he should not ask for the wine license. The application was then granted. Mr de Rutzen observed that lie was Online dating middle east life partner those cases had been taken to a superior court, in order to draw the attention of the L gislature to the present state of things.

    George Cross in the execution of his duty. The charge against William Thomas was withdrawn. Police-constable Cross deposed that he lived at Llwydcoed. About half-past nine on Sunday night: He walked in and saw the prisoners there with other persons. They were far gone in drink, and witness called the landlord's attention to them. He said "All right, I'll put them out now. They came after him arm- in-arm, shouting and making a great noise all the way. Down between the houses at Llywdcoed witness went to them, and asked them to nuke less noise, as it was Su iday night. Some of the u t'jld him to go to- some to mind his owi business, and some to Slut his mouth.

    Four 0 them carried lights. Wuen h] s, oke to them the, made a great deal more nniso, and tried to got in- side the Corner House, Fuck local sluts in gaer fawr unable to do so, they commenced to make a noise at the door. Near Mr Roberts' house they usid filthy language towards him and he then took hold of Enoch who appeared to be the leader. Witness asked Fuck local sluts in gaer fawr name and he replied. What's the odds to you Witness loosid him and begged them to go home quietly, but they begun to sing hymns and Enoch kept saying, "blow up, blow up. About 10 yards from the roadway a stone was thrown at witness and a s cond struck him on the chin. He saw Daniel Cronnen's hand up and immediately afterwards Cornelius came and hit him on tlie chin.

    They then all rushed upon him, and he drew his staff and struck some of them on the shoulder. All the men set upon him, striking and knocking him about. Witness's helm t was crushtd in, and his lamp was gone. Cross examined by Mr Beddoe: He did not know either of the defendants before He was positive it was Cornelius Connell that struck him with the stone. He was positive the defandants were those that struck him, not from what he had since heard, but from what he saw of them when the as-ault took place. I am positive that the eight defendants were the persons that assaulted me. Cross came to the station without his hat or lamp, and his face was covered with blood.

    He told witness that he had been assaulted by ten or twelve young men. Witness sent for a doctor, who dressed the constable's wounds. On going ti the sceno of assault with another constable, witness found Cross's helmet crushed, another hat, and some stones. Davies said, "I am very glad you have told me what I am charged with. Ltewaltyn afterwards said, "1 told you 1 was not there, but I was. The policeman acted very good. He asked us to go several times. When they began to beat him, I ran away. Olding said Daniel Cronncn and Thomas Bowen came down to the station th it morning and said that they had heard that Sergeant Parry had been looking for them, about a row.

    Wisness then charged them. Cronnen said, "I did not strike him. He had taken hold of my collar, and then some one struck him. I was too drunk-" Mr Jones, surgeon, said that Cross had an irregular wound about three inches long in his forehead, another smaller wound on the top part of the head, and another in the lip, which was nearly cut through. The constable complained of pains in his body, but witness had not examined him. He also complained of his teeth. The wound in the forehead was such a one as might be made by a stone with a sharp edge.

    Witness thought if kept quiet Cross was not in danger. Mr Beddoe having addressed the court, the Stipendiary said this was a most cowardly and brutal assault to commit. In this case eight men banded together to brutally assault a police- man, without having received any provocation. The policeman was only doir'g his duty, and they all incited one another until the policeman had been struck down to the ground with a stone, and then they had not the common courage to stop and help him. Cornelius Cronin and Daniel Clonin would be sentenced to six months im- prisonment, with hard labour Clements, Enoch, Davies, aad Roderick to four months' imprison m.

    Wilkinson chair- manT. Thomas, and the Rev J. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. Fresh t idlers having been invited for the above improvements, the following persons sent iu tenders: After examining the various items, Mr. John's tender was found to be the lowest, and itwasaceepttd Mr Griltiths suggested that there bhould be some limit to the time for completing the work. The Clerk said the oontract stated that the work was to be completed in eight weeks, or the contractor would forfeit 10s for every day that might elapse from the day that such contract ought to be completed, the Surveyor to have power to extend the time upon good and sufficient nason.

    Do we adhere to that? The Clerk We adhere to nothing laughter. Mr Edmunds complained that the road work contract was not properly attended to, especially in New down, Mr Williams considered the Board were to blame for not seeing to it. Edwards asked what became of the old materials in cases where streets were being re- paved. The Chairman That depends upon the way in which the specification is drawn out. The Ch rk There is not a word about it. The Chairman thought they should be the pro- perty of the Board. Can you prevent the owners of the buildings taking the old paving up?

    Edwards I recollect that iu Oxford- street the oWner took up the old paving. Edwards said he asked the question because two or three persons had spoken to him on the subject. They considered it was not fuir to pay for the old materials. Mr Yeo considered it a very proper question. He quite agreed that they should not pay for the old stones. Edwards said plenty of purchasers could be found for them. Williams said it had been taken for granted that the old materials belonged to the contractor. For the last six or seven years there had been no demand made by the Board, and they had been taken possession of by the contrao- tors.

    He thought there should be au under- standing on the matter. The Chairman proposed that in all new con- tracts there should be a clause inserted to the effect that all old stonei should be the property of the Board. This was seconded by the Rev J. Williams and agreed to. The following report of the Surveyor was then read: There is a water course running along side of the incline, and I would suggebt that you authorise me to place a grate, so as to carry the water from the surface to the water course below.

    I beg to report that the drain at the back of Nos. As I understand there is a vindictive feeling existing between them, and as the water runs in the direction of the uncleau one, is of course at a stand still, and creates a nuisance. I would recommend you order notice to be served at once upon the offending party to open and cleanse the same, and also that the owner should have notice to provide an extra stench trap. I beg to report that at the back of Napier street the drain belonging to the water closets is choked from the back of 24 to 27 occupied by Francis Schelbe, James Branch, Thomas Lewis, and Ed.

    I would recommend that you order notice to be served on the occupiers to open and cleanse the same at once. At the suggestion of the Rev J. Williams it was agreed to erect a new gas lamp at the corner of Rock-street. A letter was read from Mr Brown regretting his inability to be present, and stating that he bad not yet received a reply from Messrs Nixon in reference to the gas contract. Mr Griffiths stated that the deputation had seen Lord Aberdare respecting the oounty roads. Williams thought the Board should endeavour to come to some understanding with the County Roads Board in reference to the transfer of the roads within the district.

    The roads were in a very bad state at present. Mr Yeo proposed that the Clerk be instructed to write to the County Roads Board to ascertain what amount they would allow the Board for maintaining the road from the Duffryn Schools to Messrs Nixon's lime kilns, on the east side of Mountain Ash. This was s-oonded by Mr Williams and agreed to. There was a balance of JK l58 9d. Cheques for J,52 6s. The Board then separated. Jones, who had been laid up for some time. L Jenkins, Cardiff, preached, and on Wednesday morning a devotional meeting was held, followed by a conference of ministers and delegates.

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